Tuesday, January 31, 2006

IE 7 High-jacking feedburner

I downloaded IE7 Beta 2 Preview to my laptop today ( I will keep IE6 on my desktop for a while) and I must say that I like it, with one exception: it highjacks feedburner. As with this blog, many blogs allow readers to subscribe (easily) through feedburner. When you click on the feedburner counter in the right hand column you will be presented with a number of options for subscribing to this blog, unless you're using IE7. If you use IE7 you'll be prompted to add the feed to the new IE favorites manager. This is a bad idea. Granted RSS is not mainstream, (which the new IE will help) and this makes things easy, but this is too limiting. Limiting because it prevents you from easily tracking feeds across multiple computers. I'm a big fan of bloglines, mainly because I use more than one computer and like to read the same feeds on all computers. I would like to use feedburner to simply add feeds to bloglines, if I use IE7 I can't do this - I can still add feeds to bloglines, but it takes another step (or two). I now have to grab the url of the feed, go to bloglines and choose to add the feed, and finally paste the URL.
Hopefully this will be gone by the time IE7 is final.

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Anonymous said...

Hi JD, this is dick from FeedBurner. I think there is a bookmark in the IE7 beta to tell MSFT what you think of the Beta. We are encouraging publishers and subscribers alike to let MSFT know about their concerns. Many publishers have emailed us about this and while we will attempt to communicate those concerns ourselves, it may be perceived as less self serving and more helpful if it comes straight from publishers.

Anonymous said...

It's not an aimed at feedburner thing, it's a stupid decision that ignores any defined style sheets in an RSS feed in favour of the built in IE one