Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cool Site - The Day After

Yesterday Lopico was cool site of the day. It was a great day for Lopico with a great response to the site! Thanks to all for your contributions.


Due to the enormous response Lopico is a little backlogged, some additions have started showing up, but it's likely that most of yesterdays updates will not be processed for 48+ hours. I'll post when this is finished.

Again thanks to all who contributed, your updates should be visible soon.

As always, the more you add the better we get.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Cool Site of the Day

Today is the Day! I'm pleased to announce that Lopico is Cool Site of the Day today. My hope is that people add content rather than just voting. It is an honor to be Cool Site of the Day, but to really get the full effect of Lopico you need to come back. First time visitors should come back tomorrow or later this week to see that the content that they've added is online. I'd also suggest visiting Lopico's Akron directory (the directory with the most content) to see how well Lopico works after more content has been added.

If you'd like to vote for Lopico click here.

As always, the more you add the better we get!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Update 3 of 3: Lopico Lovers

The progress that I'm making on Lopico Lovers is great. I really think that I am creating a review system that is more helpful than others currently available. It will be helpful not only to consumers, but also to business owners. On the off chance that someone reading this would like to be a beta tester of the review program email me at, and I'll see what we can do.

As always: the more you add the better we get. Thanks.

Update 2 of 3: Cool Site of the Day

Lopico is going to be Cool Site of the Day in the next few weeks, I'm not sure how much I am allowed to say about this until it actually happens, so I'll let you know when the day comes.

Update 1 of 3: The Tour

Just a couple of quick updates for the few that happen to read this.

First, I added a tour that is accesible directly from the homepage. To me Lopico is very easy to use, and I obviously know what it is about. However, this is not true for all of my site visitors, so in the interest of making things better and easier for all, it has some quick take aways in an easy to read format. Most of the information is available in on other pages in the site, but ths provides a quick format to get a lot of information (much better than reading a long paragraph).

Sunday, November 06, 2005

SuprGlu Bandwagon

Joining in on the SuprGlu bandwagon, I created a SuprGlu page today.

SuprGlu is a cool service that lets you combine your own personal feeds into one page >> although seemingly you would be able to add feeds from others as well.

My page contains my, this blog, and my account which I started yesterday.

All three sites, suprglu, and are worth checking out and using, if you're not already using them.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mobile, Love, Hub

Okay... that's a strange title, but it all refers to some things happening with Lopico right now.

First Mobile: I just started creating a mobile friendly version of Lopico, but only for the Akron area. It's not like traditional Lopico, it does not have voting or ability to add favorites. Lopico mobile simply lists the businesses listed on Lopico for quick access to phone numbers and addresses. The introduction is limited to Akron for two reasons: 1. I have the most content available for the service in Akron; and 2. I live in Akron so I have the best ability to track the functionality of the service if I'm actually in a location where I can use it.

Second Love: Although I'm not overly fond of online review sites, I'm internally testing a review system on Lopico tentatively called "Lopico Lovers." My problem with reviews has always been the content. There are currently two ways to have reviews done either through critics or through people willing to share their experiences. Critic reviews are often misleading in that they don't represent the traditional customer -- usually they are given extra attention and higher quality service in the hopes that reviews will be favorable, and even if they aren't catered too they still traditionally have a different perspective than what a typical customer wants. The next logical place to turn is to average customers, to ask them for their opinions. These reviews would be better, but with these reviews you tend to get polar opposites and nothing in the middle. People are usually only going to take the time to write a review if something really bad happened or something really good happened. With these two review models in mind I'm working to create a system that delivers quality reviews that are helpful to both businesses and consumers... and for geeks I'm using Ajax.

Lastly Hub: eHub listed Lopico on October 31st. It was exciting for me and there have been quite a few visitors from eHub as well as two or three other sites that syndicate the eHub feed. If you're not familiar with eHub, become familiar. It is a great listing of sites built for the next generation of the internet. A great resource for finding productivity tools and other cool things that you can now do with the internet.

As always, the more you add the better we get.