Thursday, January 12, 2006

But, what makes it so great?

On Lopico you could previously only do three things: 1. Find Great Businesses 2. Add businesses to Lopico Listings and 3. Vote for your favorites (because of this I often said that Lopico used the F.A.V.orite system). Now, there's a fourth: introducing "Lopico Lovers" the new way to review your favorite local businesses. Lopico lovers is distinct from other review programs in that it requires you to say why you love a certain business, and also what you think could use improvement. This feature of the Lopico Lovers program is intended to create unbiased reviews. Typically on review sites reviewers tend to give either very posotive or very negative reviews; Lopico Lovers was designed to prevent biased and unhelpful reviews.

Lopico Lovers also ranks reviews based on the reviewers knowledge of the business that they are reviewing: think of it as Reviewer Rank. This feature takes responses from reviewers to two questions to determine familiarity with a particular business. I added this feature to give more insight into the value of the review. Someone may say that a business is terrible, but if they've only been there once, maybe they just had a random bad experience.

Personally I think the voting method is the easiest way to tell wether a business is good or not, but this gives you a little more information as to why something is being voted for.

For more on Lopico Lovers and Lopico in general check here and here.

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