Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blogging about Blogging

I now remember why I initially thought using Blogger rather than hosting my own blog was a good idea: Blogger is easy. The new blog jdamer.com is up, but not much is happening with it, because it is a little more of a pain (not much more) to blog the way I'm blogging over there. Not much of a pain, and I wouldn't mind doing it that way if I were a blogger, but I'm not. I'm a web developer that happens to blog. If blogging was my main objective I would gladly use the slightly more difficult process for the tradeoff of the increased control, but I'm not a blogger.

I never thought that I would have a site that was my own name, I always find that a little egotistical, but I chose that name because it is simple and it's not trendy. Other names that I was considering (thingsTaggedLife, dig.glicio.us, and a handful of others) all seemed a little too Web 2.0 focused, I didn't want to limit my blog in that way. Anyway, if you happen to read this blog and you don't read the new blog, remember to visit Lopico Tomorrow or Thursday, because Lopico Lovers (the new Lopico review program) should launch tomorrow.

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