Tuesday, October 18, 2005

6million things

There are too many things happening on the web right now, but at the same time nothing. Web 2.0 really feels like Web 1.0 did at first, the technologies are there they just need refining. Unlike web 1.0 we actually have the infrastructure to support the internet this time. And we have big players trying to enhance that infrastructure (Google's wireless foray and Ebay's Skype purchase), so hopefully this time it won't be a return to "the net without a net," we just weren't ready when we were all using dial-up. Everyone questions Ebay's purchase of Skype which makes perfect sense to me, yet no one questions Google's ambition of coating San Fran with wireless. I think Skype makes sense when you look at what type of business ebay is, it's an online retailer. As more people begin to use ebay, the potential of providing on demand phone connection to your seller ensures that some of those that are less comfortable with spending money online will be comforted by a human voice. This clearly is not the only reason for the purchase of Skype, but to me it's one that makes sense.
On the other hand Google (who I am growing slightly more fond of) is allegedly planning to coat the bay area with wireless coverage, and no one questions this. To me this is strange, I think that if Google really wanted to help a community they would not choose the affluent San Fran, but a poor community. Why not give access to those who need it? San Fran is fine without Google's help, try taking on a noteworthy cause.
I think that the most important thing that has come from the web recently is definitely RSS this is the one thing that will truly change the way the web works, and I plan on incorporating it into Lopico in the next go around of redesign.
Oh yeah, Lopico. I'm working on new ways to promote my site outside of paid advertising, and I've been having a fair amount of success. Lopico recently passed the 1000 business mark, but I really hope to do better in the coming year.

I hadn't blogged in a while so thought I'd throw out some random thoughts.

The more you add the better we get.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lopico Express

Just a quick note... I added an express submit tool for business owners to add detailed informaiton about their business. It's available directly from the homepage. I put it under the business resources section on the homepage to distinguish it from general business submission done by regular site visitors which only requires putting in the name of your favorite business.

September Wrap

Well September was a very good month for Lopico and also a very interesting one.

I've already commented on September a few times so I don't really feel saying anything more would add any value. There still are a few PR things that I started in September but won't come into effect until sometime in October, so hopefully October will be a great month as well.

The numbers for September were great, but I've decided to stop openly publishing my numbers on my blog - don't want to say too much.

My link to my blog is back up on my homepage - and I forgot to mention I have a new homepage. I felt that the old homepage wasn't consistent enough with the rest of the site so I replaced it. If you want to see the old one it it's available here, and the new one is live.

Achrun.org (my other project) is coming along okay but I've mainly been using it to test out new ideas for Lopico.

That's about all that I have for now. I think that my next blog is going to cover Rollyo and what I believe will be the future of search (personalization is the holy grail, but not how rollyo did it).

Thanks to anyone who has added their favorites, I hope that you will continue to do so.

The more you add the better we get!