Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cool Site Update

Everything is now updated. It's been updated for a while now, but I haven't really had time to post.

Overall, being Cool site of the Day was a great experience, which produced hundreds of new listings. Thanks to all who contributed and voted for Lopico.


My rank wasn't the highest, it was pretty average at 5.332. I'm pretty happy with this considering Lopico is a directory of business listings. Think about it, would anyone say that the phone book is Cool? I also think that had Lopico been Cool Site of the Day a few months ago, before the redesign, it would not have faired nearly as well. SO yes I'm happy with my rank, but I think that it will be even cooler in years to come.

The end of this blog?

On a side note I am considering dropping this blog, in it's current form and adding a Lopico News section to Lopico. I will keep this blog for my thoughts on Lopico and the web but for pure news about Lopico I would like a separate space. I often feel that there are things that I cannot or should not say on this blog because they are not really related to Lopico (for example my post), by having the two separate I can say whatever I want to here and leave the Lopico news to

The proposed change was also brought about by being Cool Site of the Day, I wanted to have my blog feed displayed on my homepage so that visitors could keep up with the progress of the update, but there are certain things that I say here that I wouldn't necessarily want featured on my homepage.

I also think that by creating my own feed and moving out of Blogger I will have more control over the look and feel of the posts. However, I will keep this blog for my own thoughts because Blogger really is easier than hand coded RSS.

Of course this is just an idea, but also very likely.

As always, the more you add the better we get!

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