Saturday, December 10, 2005

Buy me out! was bought by Yahoo! yesterday, and I'm upset about this. Not because I am against Yahoo!, I really like a lot of what Yahoo does and I've been using My Yahoo since about the day it came out. The only thing that I don't like about Yahoo is the amount of spam that I receive in my Yahoo inbox. I'm not Dvorak but I get very little spam in all of my email accounts with the exception of Yahoo. The reason that I am upset about the buyout is because I felt that was going to be a major player on its own. I really wanted to succeed. This is success, but a different kind. The web right now is fragmented, and should ideally stay that way. Web 2.0 is probabbly best defined as outstanding creative and innovative thinking coming from independent sources outside of the big three. The big three are leading the web 2.0 charge but are doing so by adopting ideas that come from independents. This sort of sucks if you're an independent, and the only way to survive is to be bought out, or to do something that the big three cannot (unlikely) or will not do. Yes, I was hoping for a revolution of indpendent sites takign on the big guys, but it doesn't look likely.

On that note, if you are an independent site I'd love to support you both through my blog and on Lopico. But wait, people have to actually read this blog first.

Lastly, I cannot blame the people of for joining Yahoo! I would do the same, and for much much less. I'm a little upset by John Battelle's post on, because he doesn't seem to understand the power of Flock note: I'm using it more and liking more... still overhyped. I'm really starting to abuse Technorati tags with the help of Flock. Okay this one hasn't been spellchecked.

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