Monday, February 20, 2006

Lopromo Delay

Lopromo should have launched by now, but it is being pushed back as I am considering a few more features and methods of implementation before it is launched. The design and feel of the site is great, but I'd rather push it back than launch it in a sub-par state. Part of the problem is that it's not as mainstream friendly as I'd like it to be. It seems that too often companies in the web2.0 space are building exclusively for early adopters, which will mean many of the sites will be gone by the time the mainstream knowledge reaches that of early adopters. This is really a key to Microsoft's success that isn't often discussed, MSFT always makes products (at least thus far) that are built for the mainstream user. It gets a lot of flack from the tech community for doing this, but the strategy is much smarter than the early adopter strategy. Timing more than anything is why MSFT is a success. With that in mind Lopromo is being pushed back.

But I am working on other things for Lopico as well. I've recently begun an initiative to move to 205 cities in the next few months, I've added 10 recently and 40 more are planned. I'm also working on a few new advertising options which are unique in kind and should be very helpful from both a consumer and advertisers standpoint.

Side Note: I think that I may be dropping the other blog. I might not, but the less that I blog the less I use it so it's hard to justify.

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