Tuesday, February 07, 2006

eHub Interview

My interview for eHub was posted today. Thanks to Emily Chang for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts on Lopico and the web in general.

For eHub readers - I encourage you to leave feedback here on this blog, in your own blog, or through email to "info at lopico dot com." As I said in the interview I encourage criticism. When visiting Lopico I recommend checking out Akron to see how Lopico works when it is a little more developed. I'd also encourage you to try out Lopico Lovers and send some feedback. Lopico Lovers just launched, and I'd love to get more feedback on the user experience. Thanks in advance.

For non eHub readers - become one! eHub is a great resource which can really enrich your web experience. The web services listed on eHub are shaping the future of the web, and making it much more useful. Check it out.

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