Tuesday, September 20, 2005


1. I had a comment posted in BusinessWeek this week, regarding my feelings on Google.

2. Friendlypop.com is gone. Strictly a business decision to terminate it, I still think that it is a great idea, it just wasn't right for me right now.

3. I launched a new site today (though it's still under construction) achrun.org, it's not for everyone it's going to be Akron focused.

4. I made a change to the top row of navigation buttons on Lopico, it was the one part of the site redesign that I wasn't happy with.

5. I recently started an account on del.icio.us and I'm hooked. I think that this is a great site and will ultimately change the way the we use the web.

6. It's still September so there are still more big things to come!

The more you add the better we get! [This is my mantra but really it could be for any web 2.0 sibbu (site built by user).]

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Krazy J said...

J.D.A is a 8 year old computer whiz kid who already has a graduate degree in computer science. Now he wants to find a cure for cancer. I have heard that he also recently defeated the IBM super computer Big Blue in a chess match. This kid is smart!!