Thursday, June 09, 2005

Well, things are starting to get a little more interesting. I have to say that looking at my May numbers in a realistic perspective, Lopico is still very unknown. But, I am still happy with the numbers because my Monthly advertising budget is less than what most pay on a daily basis. Also I've been able to get some people to buy into the Lopico system. I'm starting to get votes and additions on a daily basis, which to me is very promising, because I'm still just starting out.
The redesign, I'm always talking about on here (not that you've read my posts) is really going to be great. I was told the other day that the best thing about Lopico is that it's very user friendly, partially because of the simplicity. I think the new version is going to be even more user friendly. It just has a great feel to it (not that I'm biased). But anyway.
A couple more updates, awhile ago (but I never mentioned it)'s blog linked to mine, it helped generate some traffic. Have to love the free publicity. But as much as I like Snap, it still hasn't listed my site, even though I've attempted to add it. Snap has really helped me decide which markets to focus my advertising on, I'll search on Snap for e.g. dining in Tucson and see the type of traffic such a search receives vs. Dining in New York City; I use this as a factor in determining which cities to advertise in, and what categories to advertise in, but there are of course other factors.
I mentioned before that Las Vegas was not a good city for Lopico, because it's too much of a tourist town, and no one really knows what's best because most only have limited experience with the city. But, somehow I've been getting a fairly steady stream of additions and votes in Las Vegas. Interestingly one of the additions, was I Love This Bar and Grille, a new bar opening with a theme tied to the song. The bar hasn't even opened yet, but someone added and I was able to track down the contact info so it's up. I'm hoping this may drive in some traffic to Lopico when this starts to get more publicity closer to the time it opens. Essentially you can find it from Lopico, but not sites like Google Local, Yahoo! Local, or Citysearch.
The more you add the better we get! Keep adding and voting, thanks.

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