Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Quick Update

Lopico just got some great new additions in San Jose, check them out if you like.

San Jose - American
San Jose - Mediterranean
San Jose - Pizza
San Jose - Bookstore

I'm always happy when I get multiple new additions, it gives me hope.

The more you add the better we get.

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yiddayadda said...

Hi there.

I came across your site, by accident really, and was "intrigued".

Then I came across the link to your blog and thought, hmmm...I need to help this fellow out.

So here I am. The good news is that I think you have something here. Keep doing what your doing - with one exception (maybe two):

1. STOP blogging NOW! You mentioned that you don't have the technical savy to take your idea in the direction that you want to...but there are PLENTY of people that DO! You are saying WAY to much here. You're basically laying out a roadmap for anyone to come along and steal your idea. Someone WITH the tech background and the funds to make it happen will see that you have a good idea here and THEY WILL TAKE IT. So again, PLEASE PLEASE stop blogging your idea.

2. A freebie: Like I said before, I think you have something here. My gut feeling (pretty darn reliable) says KEEP IT SIMPLE! VERY SIMPLE! I like your original site much better than the redesign. You have a very sharp, clean idea and your site design should follow that form. Forget about graphics, and all the bells and whistles. Learn from example: Google for instance, the appeal there was that they had a ver basic/simple homepage...Another site that you might want to look into is craigslist.com <--VERY simple and they started much like you are now. They gross 60 million a year now and were bought out in part by ebay.

Your site is fine, just clean it up a bit...work on colors, FONTS (you need to change to a sans-serif font like arial or verdana), and work on keeping it VERY simple.

I made up this blog email address so don't bother writing back.

I'm rooting for you... :)

I'll go add a restaurant or two right now. To the...mmm...new york section.

bye bye