Friday, April 29, 2005

Tucson, AZ

In this process of creating this site, I've had some success at getting people to add their favorite places but mainly only in restaurants and mainly only in two cities. I'll get an occasional vet in Dallas or hardware store in Sacramento, but mainly the focus has been restaurants in Akron, OH and Tucson, AZ. This is very curios, not Akron, but Tucson. I guess I understand that restaurants are probably the most easily comparable, because people have had more experience with multiple restaurants, whereas you may have only ever been to one auto body shop. But I would think that there would be other places that people would feel strongly about, especially if you owned the place or knew someone who was involved. Anyway, as far as the locations are concerned Akron is not puzzling. Lopico is based in Akron, so that makes sense, especially since there are alot more choices up already. I'm hoping that when I get more input across the country I'll get more participation from the sites visitors, it's just the initial hurdle that's set me back so far. Tucson, however, has just been an unexplained. Maybe people in Tucson are just really supportive of local restaurants. I'm not real sure, but I'm certainly not complaining.
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